Packing Tips Before Moving

Time to move and pack your household goods ? Are you aware of how you are going fled pack at best? share some moving tips to you:
  • Good time. It becomes much easier to pack if you plan on packing and not in any rush.
  • The right box. There are many different types of moving boxes! Large cardboard boxes are best suited for light things and small for heavy things. Resist any temptation to pack in garbage bags because they do not protect the contents and there is mold risk for prolonged storage .
  • Pack light. Up to 20 kg in each box , so you can lift them . The heaviest stuff puts you at the bottom of the carton.
  • Mark the boxes. Which room will the boxes end up in and what they contain ? Which side is up ?
  • Caution! Small and fragile items may require additional protective material to prevent damage. Label the boxes carefully.
  • Close the drawers. Tape properly, so it will be easier to stack boxes.
  • Disassemble. Furniture taken apart if possible and tied together . Loose nuts and bolts fit best in plastic bags, like taped to the furniture.
house moving tips


  • Cartons. You can often access more boxes than you think.
  • Packaging tape and string. To tape boxes and tying up loose things.
  • Labels and marking pen . So you remember what you have packed in boxes.
  • Bubble wrap and tissue paper. For fragile gadgets.
  • Removable filters. To wrap furniture and other delicate things in.
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