Master Built Smoker Instructions

The Master Built Smoker cooks tasty food using either charcoal or propane, and with the right accessories, it can also be used as a fryer. The unit offers a lot of flexibility for any home grilling enthusiast. According to Master Built website, there are many tips and precautions that should be followed when using a Master Built Smoker

Master Built Smoker Safety instructions

Check connections for leaks each time a propane tank mounted on Master Built Smoker. This should be done with soapy water. Mix one part detergent and three parts water. Use this solution for all connections in the gas delivery system for smoking. Open the cylinder and look for new bubbles are formed on any of the connections. Keep flames, including lit cigarettes away from smokers until it is confirmed that there are no leaks.

The combustion of propane or charcoal gives off carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, tasteless, poisonous gas. The Master Built Smokers should never be used indoors or in an enclosed space such as a garage.

As with all grills, the Master Built Smoker hot. Place the smoker at least 10 feet from any combustible materials such as wood or dry plants and at least 10 feet away from walls and overhanging eaves.

Master Built Smoker Cooking Tips

Master Built smoking should be seasoned before use. Follow the instructions to attach and lighting of torch. Place up to three pieces of wood in the flame disk bowl, and drive smoking at about 200 degrees for two to four hours. This process removes the new fragrance from the smoke.

Master Built Smoker

Master Built Smoker can be used for dry smoke or smoking with the help of water or marinades. The smoker includes a bowl that can be filled with water to create steam to moisten meat or marinades to add flavor to smoked meat.

Heat for cooking can be supplied with propane or charcoal. Follow the Master Built Smoker instructions that come with the smoker to start torch. A coal fire can be started either by following the instructions on the package charcoal or propane torch to start the charcoal-filled burning. Turn off the gas burner for coal ignited. Gas burner and the base plate can be used as a heat source for a fryer. Make sure the kettle is used for frying is not larger than 30 quarts and fits within the security ring smokers. Follow all safety precautions associated with hot oil cooking.

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