Design Your Own House with the Right Programs, Some Are Free!

Do you dream of building the perfect house? Then it may be a good idea to take your computer to help. Here are some great programs suitable for you who want to design your own house. And many are free.

Design Your Own House free

Today is a great selection programs you can use to draw your house. Some replaces pen and paper, while others create beautiful 3D images so that you can virtually experience your dream home before it's built.

A little rough being said there are three categories of programs for the purpose. It is the simple consumer programs, there are general program (which primarily serves to draw the house) and the pronounced pro-software used by architects.

Use the program for capacity

If you know how to manage a drawing program, it is better to do it properly from the beginning. Make sure that the functions of the program does not restrict you. If a program costs 3 000's all a fraction of what the house costs. At the same time, you can save ten times as much in the end.

If you come with an exact blueprint makes it easier to obtain a building permit documents and we can more accurately see your wishes. On the other hand, it is difficult to think outside the box and you might find it strange if we want to move a wall five centimeters.

3d is an advantage

The Architect's Handbook is a good investment. It has everything from history to current laws and regulations. The only thing missing is a substantial section on the joists, but it might be good to talk to an architect about it anyway, says Johan Andersson.

key Features

For a program to help rather than hinder you, it is important to have some basic functions. Among other things, it is good to get help to visualize the house.

That you can see your future house in 3d I think is important. Have you worked with drawings, it is usually easy to envisage how something will look like, but most builds his house once and then it might be worth investing in a program that can show 3D, says Johan Andersson, and points out that there are many programs that have a free version with limited features, while fully functioning version costs a penny.

The best advice is to buy the design your own house program if you feel that the functions restrict you.

Then it will be you that you design the house after what the program has prerequisites. Maybe you should stay in the house the rest of life, then it's a pretty small investment to buy a program for a few thousand patches when the house may cost you four million.

To a drawing will facilitate your new building, it is important to have the right scale. The most common scale on a husritning is 1:100 (half an inch on paper equals one meter in reality).

The scale problem in Paint

A common problem with drawings that are made in such as Paint is that they do not have any sensible scale. Then it's easier to draw by hand on graph paper, for example.

In a housing project, it is not just the floor plan that's interesting. You are also expected to make a section drawing showing the internal parts of the house with details such as the height of the windows sits on. You should also have a drawing of the facade and then the house will be placed in to a site plan or a new construction map. The latter is always made by the municipality.

Since it may require additional drawings, depending on whether it is specific conditions on the site or if your community has special requests. So it is good if you can get the usual two-dimensional drawings from the program you are using.

Forget the bathroom

The most common mistakes hobby architect does is to miss the building legislation, such as saying that all spaces on the ground floor (or whole house if there is a single storey) will be accessible for persons with physical disabilities. You should simply be able to take you around the house in a wheelchair.

Most often, the bathroom and kitchen that people miss. You can not have lowered floors, or narrow spaces between the sink and toilet. Do you have two floors of the house is going well to loosen up on level two, said Johan Andersson.

Construction law can be perceived as inflexible and many feel it is limiting to have to make their new house suited to its rules. Are you following the new standards, you get very good and well-appointed rooms simply.

The house holds together and can carry up roof and upper floor, we see of course that goes without saying. But the strength and bearing capacity is something that many people forget to take into account when they draw themselves. The trend towards open floor plans have been going on for almost ten years and we dream more often about big bright rooms. This makes it particularly important to calculate strength.

Often we receive drawings with undersized posts and beams. Here it is important that you get help and that you take it seriously, otherwise it can go bad. Even for installations of water, sewer and fans, it is good to get expert help.

Draw the outside and inside

But where should you start when plans to build new a reality?

Make a drawing of the exterior with roof, windows setting and so on. Then you do a drawing of how you want it inside. Then you have a good basis for trying to make the two ideal images to a working drawing.

Today is also common to house manufacturers have their drawings online. If you are unsure and do not know where to start, take inspiration from there. Then it becomes easier to see how big a particular place to be.

We hope that this article on how to design your own house with right programs is useful for you. thanks

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